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The Edinburgh Shutter Company

The Edinburgh Shutter Company were brought on as a client in early 2018. The company is part of a wider group which specialises in all types of window coverings such as shutters and blinds. View their website by visiting The Edinburgh Shutter Co.

We currently manage their site by creating content for them each month and providing hosting and email addresses. The site was built by an external company using wordPress which can be difficult to maintain. This is why The Edinburgh Shutter Company came to us and we provide them with around-the-clock support to ensure that their site works best for them.

We also provide back-end SEO support meaning that we ensure the site is properly set up to allow crawlers (search engine robots) to read the site and add it to their search results. We then ensure that content is optimised for the most common search queries relating to the company, meaning that they will show up at the top of the "organic" (results that are not ads and not paid for) results in search engines.